23 January 2010

Bomba Estereo: Electro Vacilon from Colombia to the world

Hi All,

This is a very short non-travel-related post just to share with you this superb Colombian band I was just introduced to!  I was in Buenos Aires with my boyfriend last week and we were invited to have a couple - a little more actually, to be honest - of exquisit Mendoza wine bottles at a friend of his' house. It happens that this friend - a Belgian living between Argentina, Europe, Hong Kong, Mexico and Argentina - is a huge music connoisseur who organizes raves and big parties all over the world as well as a well known electronic music producer.

When I told him I was from Colombia, he told me "wait one sec", he connected his laptop to the massive LCD TV hanging on the wall and said : "This is, hands down, the best new band I have listened to last year".

I have to admit I had never heard of Bomba Estereo, but they sound rrrreaaaallly well , their music is a mixture of Afro-Caribbean rhythms with electro and styles like reggae, dub and hip hop that they define as "Electro Vacilon", and that night, they also got me to be a little prouder of being Colombian :).

People, I give you FUEGO!!!


Marcela - Colombia Travel Blog

22 January 2010

Top 5 Hidden Destinations in Colombia

From the caribbean to the Andes, Colombia is an unseen treasure. Cartagena, San Andres, Bogota, Medellin  are all more or less well known Colombia destinations, they are unique and you should definitely put them in your Colombia "places to visit" list, but this time I want to use my Colombia Travel Blog to share a few words about what I consider to be the top 5 hidden destinations in Colombia, fantastic and almost unseen places perfect for those that have a little more time and are willing to explore beyond regular travel agencies' Colombia Tours.

1. Cano Cristales.
To the south west of the country, in the National Natural Park of Serrania de la Macarena you will find the "7 Colour River". One of the most spectacular and untouched rivers in South America. Its coulors, endemic species together with the joyfulness and kindness of the locals, makes this place an unreal experience.

14 January 2010

Christmas in Bogota: La noche de las Velitas

I know, maybe I'm a little late for a Christmas post, this one was supposed to be online before New Year's , but a trip to Florianopolis - Brazil got in the middle. By the way, if you're planning on going to Brazil you should definitely visit Ilha de Santa Catarina (or Floranopolis or Floripa for short).... we - that's my fiance and I - spent 10 really  nice days full of astonishing beaches and many many outdoor activities there. We liked the fact that Floripa is still kind of a local destination only, mostly visited by southern Brazilians and Argentineans, so you have a real sense of "immersion". As always, if you need info on that just e-mail me... but enough of my brazilian new year's break, let’s get back to Christmas in Bogota.

10 January 2010

Yes Mom, I’m writing my own blog. (And it’s about my Colombia travels)

Hello there. If someone gets to read this, I guess that formally means I’m finally starting my long planned – and long delayed - Colombia Travel Blog , so please allow me to introduce myself : My name is Marcela, I was born in Colombia a little more than 29 years ago :) and I hate to write.

Yes, you have read well, I really really hate to write… when I try to do it I just keep staring at the blank piece of paper (or at the screen in this case) wanting to say a lot, but I never manage to find the right words to make sense of all the things that go through my head. So I decided to just sit down and type whatever comes out, but you have to know this process is somehow painful for me. Why go through all this then? Because as much as I hate to write , I have wanted for a long time now to tell the world what a fabulous travel destination Colombia, my home country, is.