24 February 2010

Party in Colombia: My top 5 rumbeaderos in Bogota

Colombia is the only  place in the world in which " rumba" means much more than the musical rythm known as, well..." rumba". Lets see how can we define " rumba" ... a simple translation could be "to party" , but " rumbear"  can also mean:

1) Going out for a drink.
2) Going dancing.
3) Going to a gig.
4) Singing away in a Karaoke.
5) Going to someone's house for a party.
6) 1 + 2 
7) 5 + 4
8) 3 +1 + 2
9) 5 + 1 + 6 + waking up next day in a farm with a killer hangover.
10) 7 + ... well, I guess you get the idea.

So, in the very tough mission of recommending the best 5 places to party or " rumbear"  in Bogota, my home town, the humble writer of this Colombia Travel blog has taken the freedom to  first divide the city in 5 highly recommended night life and party areas for educational reasons, all of them in northerm Bogota where you'll find a lot of options for you to enjoy a nigh out, from salsa or electronic music through a quite glass of black beer.... bars, pubs, restaurants, and coffee shops.... the whole lot.

16 February 2010

Guest Entry: Medellin, The heart of Colombia

Hi all

First of all, thanks, thanks, thanks ! My blog has received quite a lot of visits  from people all over the world in its first month, so  it seems that my Colombia Travel Blog has been noticed in blog land. As you know blogging is a new experience to me and it has been an amazing  so far, I've had the chance to meet a few other travel bloggers that have been sending me tips about how to do this a little better every day as well as expressing their interest in coming to Colombia and telling me about their experiences here. 

3 February 2010

What does Shakira and the Biggest Carnival in Colombia have in common? Barranquilla, land of music

Colombia is a land of music and musicians.... hurmm....wait a second... while I was writing that phrase I was at the same time wondering why do we Colombians consider ourselves to be so categorically more "musical" than other countries.  Do I really have the right to say that? I don’t think I'm exaggerating but still, I  can’t put my finger on what is exactly what make us such a  music loving country... maybe is the mixture of cultures that helped  building Colombia, the Afro influence in both coasts, the fact that we even divide the country in four musical zones or maybe is just the caribbean weather that makes us like this, but the fact is that we live and breathe music and I'm not only talking about the famous Salsa or the Vallenato, music and dancing seems to be part of our everyday life here. Anyway, ramblings aside, this time I want to tell you about aspecific area of our country that vibrates with music all year long and specially during February: Barranquilla and its Carnival.