19 October 2010

Bomba Estereo in Argentina: Buenos Aires never felt so Colombian!!

If you’ve ever heard anything about Bomba Estereo - and you very probably have - I’m just going to say that everything you’ve heard about them is true.  This is my fourth or fifth post about Bomba Estereo, so I might as well rename this as “Bomba Estero blog by Marcela” instead of “Colombia Travel Blog by Marcela” : ) , but the fact is that since I heard about them last February I really wanted to go watch them live. I have traveled a lot in the last few months, and it seemed that any time I arrived to a new city , Bomba Estereo had just left….. so I was getting frustrated….

So, of all places in the world I finally saw them in Buenos Aires!  Yes, I just got back from Buenos Aires Pepsi Music Indoors –the  Bomba Estereo gig at the Trastienda in Buenos Aires and  felt that I had to share the experience with you all!  Apart from their great music there are two things that were my highlights; first of all is the energy they put into their performance. At the beginning I sat for a bit but it didn’t take too long before I was jumping up and down and dancing to their electro cumbia… Li just has such an enchanting voice that just makes you move.  My second highlight is the fact that they made all Argentineans that were there dancing to these Colombian rhythms as if they were their own… and I felt at home.  For two hours Li and the band transported me to my lovely country .. thanks Bomba Estereo for joining us in our efforts to change Colombia’s face to the world!


  1. My best band at the moment !
    sow them in marseille last year
    just amazing !
    hope they come back here soon !

  2. Hola...

    Indeed a great Colombian band. I'm glad you've already had a chance to see them!

    Can't wait to see them again.