6 May 2010

Vote NOW for Bomba Estereo: one of the 25 best new bands of the world

As you may know by reading one of my January posts, I have become a huge fan of Bomba Estereo, a Colombia electro band that has managed to get recently nominated within the 25 best new bands of the world. During the last year they have been so busy touring the world and helping change Colombia's image that I had to write this short entry to share the Bomba Estereo Tour 2010 city/dates list with you. 

Ok, so this is where you will find these guys for the rest of the year during their Bomba Estereo Sur Tour 2010. If you are so lucky to be in any of these cities don't miss the chance to enjoy the Electro Bacilon Contestativo of Bomba Estereo with our beautiful Li in the vocals.

Montevideo, Uruguay 7 May
Mendoza, Argentina 8 May
Cordoba, Argentina 9 May
Santiago, Chile 13 May
Buenos Aires, Argentina 15 May
Austin, Texas 22 May
Medellin, Colombia 5 June
Manchester, Tennessee 12 June
Colorado Springs, Colorado 14 June
Girona, Espana 19 June
Barcelona, Espana 19 June
Brooklyn, New York 23 July
San Francisco, California 25 July
Chicago, Illinois 26 July

Also, remember to vote for Bomba Estereo in MTV Iggy's web page for the 25 best new bands of the world. You can vote as many times as you want.

These are a few videos of their latests gigs.... enjoy!

Did you like it??? Vote NOW, I just did! : )


Marcela - Colombia Travel Blog

UPDATE!!! Bomba Estereo IS the new best band of the year!

Congrats Li y chicos!

Picture taken from mtviggy


  1. Que suerte que tengo yo! pq vivo en San Francisco y van a tocar aqui en un concierto gratis, junto con otro musico que me gusta mucho, Jovanotti de Italia.

  2. Hola Adam

    Gracias por compartir con migo tu suerte...que rico! Te propongo que al dia siguiente del concierto compartas aqui con todo el mundo tus experiencias y fotos.

    Un abrazo